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JUNE 18-20, 2021 SIOUX FALLS, SD

Summer Indoor Rink Shooting

You may have heard from coaches, parents, teammates or seen it on the rink calendar that there is Summer indoor shooting at the rink available, here is some info:

MAY 1st through JUNE 15th
AUGUST 1st through SEPT 30th

Tuesday 10:00 AM - NOON
Thursday 5:00 PM - 7PM

For: All Ages

Pucks provided
No rollerblades
Bring: stick & gloves
stick handling ball-optional

Feel free to come shoot for a little bit or stay entire time if you are being productive.

Questions: Call/Text Sarah Thoms or Terry Pedersen


Freestyle Workout with Coach Morgan & Hailee

Coach Morgan and Coach Hailee started a little summer workout class, and would like to invite freestyle skaters to join. They meet every Tuesday at 5:30 pm at Memorial park near the basketball court, unless it is raining heavily.

They will be working on off ice jump rotations, legs, and abs along with running a bit each day. It will run roughly 1hr-1.5hr long. Just something to keep everyone in shape and prepared for next season.

We would really encourage all freestyle skaters to participate.

Please send Morgan a text if your skater is planning on joining so if they need to cancel for any reason she can text you.

Morgan cell - (605) 661-5427

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Highlights of Try Hockey for Free 2021

Thank you Saralyn D Photography for the photos!

YAIA welcomes you to the 2020-21 ice season! The safety of our skaters, players, association members, and guests is of the utmost importance.  To help keep our rink open, please be respectful and adherent to the policies set forth by the Return to the Rink Covid-19 Committee and the YAIA Board of Directors. 

Do what you can to help limit the spread of infection!

  1. Wear your mask and physical distance from others
  2. Practice good hand hygiene by washing or using sanitizer
  3. Stay home if you are sick
  4. Report Covid-19 diagnosis and exposures to the Safety Officer immediately (
  5. Click the Level of Operations link for details related to the current phase

Be assured that the YAIA Return to the Rink Covid-19 Committee will continue to monitor updated recommendations pertinent to Covid-19.  For policy-related questions, email


Past skaters, players, and past parents - register so we can contact you regarding alumni events

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