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Yankton Curling Club

Upcoming Events

LEARN TO CURLS - January 22  &  February 27
Never curled before? Or maybe had a brief tutorial? This is the event for you! A full 90 minutes instructional course on how to deliver, sweep, and how to play. Following the course, you will be able to play a few ends with your fellow classmates. Ticket also includes 1 complementary broomstacking beverage at The Boat House following the event. (Nitro tap beer not included. Non-alcoholic beverages available.)
Event limited to 8 participants. Pre-registration is required.

January 22 Sign up HERE.
February 27 Sign up HERE.

SKILLS COURSES - January 22  &  February 27
Open for prior league members or other casual players looking to fine tune their abilities. An instructor will be on the ice to help with what ever you wish to work on whether it be lines, balance or weight. The majority of the time will be a practice scrimage with other participants.
Event limited to 8 participants. Pre-registration is required.

January 22 Sign up HERE.
February 27 Sign up HERE.

THE HOUSE GAMES - January 24 & February 28

A 4-person team Olympic Event Co-Hosted with The Boat House

Teams of 4 will rotate between:

  • 2 ends of curling*
  • 3 games of axe throwing
  • 3 games of darts
  • 3 rounds of skeeball

Games are designed to help maintain social distancing.

Winner celebration and prizes awarded at The Boat House.


January 24 Sign up HERE.
February 28 (Registration will open February 1st)


Ice is cold! Dress in warm, flexible layers for this event. Jeans are not your friend. 

Rocks slide better when the ice is clean! Please carry in a pair of CLEAN rubber soled shoes to wear on the ice, preferably shoes that have not been worn outside frequently. 

Mask up! Face masks are required inside the building. They double as a nose warmer. (Masks must be worn to play.)

Everyone will want to try Curling! spots are limited. Pre-Registration is required - tell your friends to register early! 

All sessions: Please arrive 15 minutes early to check in and change shoes.

The Return to the Rink Covid-19 Committee and the YAIA Board of Directors have been working due diligently to set forth COVID safety protocols so we can all return to the rink safely.  Please take a moment to refer to YAIA's policies as well as YCC's policies.

Because curling movements do not require the same exertion as hockey or figure skating, face masks will be required on the ice to curl. 

Be sure to follow us on Facebook for all the latest updates. If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to

We look forward to seeing you all on the ice!

Good Curling,

Yankton Curling Club


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