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Registration Information

Registration for 2018-19 is now open!


Please direct any questions regarding this registration to:

Amy Schramm

Amy Schramm

Hockey Registrar

Phone: 605-661-8645

Pam  Erickson

Pam Erickson

Figure Skating Coordinator

Phone: 605-660-3774

The Registration "Registration Information" is not currently available.

REGISTRATION - Please read carefully before registering with YAIA as some things have changed from last year

Hello and Welcome to the Yankton Area Ice Association...

If you are a returning member, please login to NGIN with your previous username and password so that we do not have multiple accounts for the same family. If you cannot remember your login username, please contact the registrar or webmaster and they will give it to you. You will then have to retrieve your password - we do not have access to passwords.


If you are a new member, WELCOME and please read this carefully to answer some important questions and to make your registration process flow easily.


Payments can be made in the form of a credit/debit card or direct withdraw from your bank account. Fees will be charged to your card or bank account during the registration process so it is necessary that you have that information with you.

You will have the option to pay in full or in installment. All skaters must be paid in full before practices begin in October.


Mini-Mites, Mites, Squirts, Peewee, Bantam, Girls JV, and Boys JV/Varsity
receive a 10% discount if registered before June 15, 2018.

Families with three or more registering can receive an additional 10% discount.


YAIA is a nonprofit, parent-run organization. In order to provide a quality program, we must rely on all of our parent members to help the association run smoothly. Each family with Mini-mites and above in hockey or Pre-Alpha and above in figure skating are required to work.

Volunteer Levels

Level DIBS Level Dibs
Pre-Alpha A 10
Alpha A 10
Mini-Mite A 10
Mite A 10
Squirt B 35
Beta B 35
Gamma B 35
Delta B 35
Freestyle B 35
Peewee B 35
Bantam B 35
Boys V/JV B 35
TOTAL # of Skaters # of A Skaters # of B Skaters TOTAL Dibs Required Total Dib Check
1 1 0 10 $100
1 0 1 35 $350
2 2 0 20 $200
2 0 2 50 $500
2 1 1 45 $450
3 3 0 30 $300
3 0 3 50 $500
3 2 1 50 $500
3 1 2 50 $500
4 3 1 50 $500
4 2 2 50 $500
4 1 3 50 $500
4 4 0 40 $400
4 0 4 50 $500

A volunteer deposit check (post dated 3/1/2019) is required at "Equipment Night" (date to be determined).  This includes all coaches, board members, and any other position thought to have been exempt. We will hold the post dated check until the credits are fulfilled and then we shred your check. 

These credits may be worked in the concession stand, helping with games, doing maintenance work on the building, helping with the equipment rental and a variety of other jobs that must be done in order for us to keep our association one of the best in the state.

A list of jobs that earn credits is available under the Volunteer Tab. Points per task can be found in the YAIA Handbook.  Points system is effective for the period of April 1 to March 30.


Each family (Mini-Mite and above plus Pre-Alpha and above) is required to purchase raffle money calendars. Families can recoup the money paid for calendars by selling them to friends and family. The calendars are a major fundraiser for YAIA activities. 

A post-dated check (November 1, 2018) is required and the stubs must be turned by October 27.  Drawing dates are November 1st thru December 31st.

Calendars may be picked up on "Equipment Night" (date to be determined).

Total # of Skaters # of A Skaters # of B Skaters Total Calendars Total Calendar Check
1 1 0 3 $60
1 0 1 5 $100
2 2 0 6 $120
2 1 1 8 $160
2 0 2 8 $160
3+ 8 $160
Carol Larson

Carol Larson

Calendar Fundraiser Coordinator

Phone: 605-760-3922


Equipment Night will be determined soon. You will be able to pick up your calendar raffle tickets at that time as well as any equipment and gear that is needed for the season.  



Limited funds are available from the United Way for scholarships for skaters who cannot otherwise afford to participate in ice sports. The application for scholarship is not available at this time. DO NOT REGISTER UNTIL YOU ARE APPROVED OR DENIED. Applications must be submitted by June 30th to be considered. Applications submitted afterwards will be considered if funds are available.


Learn to Skate will be held three times per week for two 6-week sessions (schedule to be determined soon).  Skaters of all ages are welcome to participate in Learn-to-Skate.  Whether you are interested in hockey, figure skating or just learning to skate better, this is the class for you.

The registration fees for each session is FREE and includes skates and helmets that may be borrowed from the rink.  All skaters will be required to wear a helmet, either a bike or hockey helmet. 

Upon completion of the class, skaters may choose to advance to Mini-Mite, Mite, or Squirt hockey (depending on age) or move into Pre Alpha Figure Skating. There will be another registration in December to move up if the instructors determine the youth is ready.  

All participants in Learn to Skate will receive 10 free passes to Open Skate.

The Registration "Registration Information" is not currently available.


Please read carefully before registering with YAIA




Each participant will pay the USA Hockey fee of $40 if age 7 or older. The USA Hockey fee is waived for age 6 (birth year 2012 for 2018-19) and younger. The registration must be completed for all players and coaches. Participants will also pay any applicable Affiliate fee ($5 for SDAHA).


New hockey members will require a copy of your skater’s birth certificate. Please bring a photocopy with you to the hockey arena. There is a red box near the locker room at the arena where you can leave the copies.

Skaters cannot participate in practices or games if we do not have a copy of a birth certificate


Mites or older may be attending out-of-town tournaments. Tournaments are voluntary and are not required to participate in the program. 

These tournaments charge the association a registration fee that must be reimbursed by each skater who attends the tournament. These fees are minimal for young skaters but increase as they advance and go to larger tournaments to compete. Please be aware that you will be asked to cover these fees later on in the season if you decide to particpate in a tournament.

Fees for the State Tournaments at the end of the season are covered by the association.


Equipment is available for anyone who is in need in order to play. There will be designated dates to check out gear. Please remember that everyone that volunteers for the association also has a job and other obligations, so please be considerate and plan on attending the scheduled equipment hand-out times.


Any player who is considering playing at a level higher than the date their bithdate allows are to register in the level their birthdate allows and submit a Team Select Request to the Head of Coaching for consideration.  

Move ups will be determined by team needs, not on skill alone. The player will be evaluated during team try outs to determine if they can move up and what is best for the teams. The player will pay the additional fee for the next level if selected to move up.



Please read carefully before registering with YAIA




Registration fees for skaters Pre-Alpha through Fresstyle levels include additional ice time that may be utilized during the Figure Skating practice times.  Times and dates are posted on the website under the Figure Skating tab.  Registration fees include the additional $15 ISI Membership fees. 

Skaters will be tested the 2nd week of the season to determine if they are in the appropriate level.  If they test higher than the level they registered, they will be required to pay the higher level registration fee in full.


If a skater passes up from Learn-To-Skate to Pre-Alpha or if a skater passes up from Alpha to Beta mid-season, they will be required to pay the difference in cost prorated for the second half of the season.  In addition, skaters moving up from Learn-To-Skate to Pre-Alpha will be required to complete volunteer work.  Please check the handbook for volunteer requirements.


Equipment including skates, knee, and butt pads are available for rent. It is recommended that skaters in levels Beta and above wear both knee and butt pads. Rental fees are not included in the registration fees but may be paid at the time of registration or during equipment check out days. 


All skaters participating in the second session are requested to participate in the end-of-season performance.  There are no additional fees to participate in the end-of-year performance with the exception of the costume fees.  Costume fees are due by January 31st.  Performance practices will begin around February 1st.


Participating in competitions is strictly voluntary but is greatly encouraged.  Competition registration fees are collected separately for each competition.  These registration fees are due by the deadline of each competition and are based on the competition, level and number of events in which the skater registers.  Skaters are responsible for all travel fees in conjunction with competitions. 

All skaters in Grades 7th and above will be required to provide proof that they have completed a sports physical within the last three years.   This coincides with the requirements that Yankton School District has for students participating in sport activities.

Again, welcome to YAIA. We are excited to have new skaters as well as all our returning players! If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact any one on the YAIA board or programs committee. We are here to answer any questions and insure you have a great experience in the skating family!


Please direct any questions regarding this registration to:

Amy Schramm

Amy Schramm

Hockey Registrar

Phone: 605-661-8645

Pam  Erickson

Pam Erickson

Figure Skating Coordinator

Phone: 605-660-3774

Register for all levels of Hockey & Figure Skating including Learn to Skate

Apply for financial assistance

The Registration "Registration Information" is not currently available.