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Equipment Needed for Hockey

Items Available to Rent

  • Helmet-prefer white if buying a new one, but black will do.
  • Shoulder pads
  • Elbow pads
  • Gloves
  • Breezers, also known as hockey pants
  • Shin guards
  • Hockey bag
  • Hockey socks-red or white-these go over their shin guards -- available for Squirt & younger levels.

 All the above items listed are in a rental program.  $10 for each item and no more than $60 for the whole bag of equipment while supplies last.

The association encourages the older kids (PeeWee on up) to purchase their equipment and bag.  Gear can be rented for the summer, but it is an additional fee at the end of the regular season.

Additional items needed to play hockey:

  • Mouth guard-should be colored with a strap on it.  Football one works.
  • Skates - YAIA has limited quantities for an extra $10.00 fee. Please have your skater there when trying to buy.  They do not need to be new skates.  For best fitting, go down one size from their shoe size and work from there.
  • Protective cup
  • Stick(s) - Older kids PeeWee on up should have 2 sticks. One for a backup.
  • Practice jersey-will receive one free from YAIA.
  • Socks (Red for away & white for home games) for PW, Bantam, Junior Varsity, and Varsity levels
  • Stick tape to put on the blade and handle of the stick
  • Clear sock tape - wrap around socks to hold them in place
  • Puck for stick handling at home or outside


For more information on helmet safety go to

Terry Haas

Terry Haas

Equipment Manager

Phone: 605-660-2853