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Learn to Skate


YAIA offers two six-week sessions for Learn-to-Skate. Classes are held three times per week   This is an introductory activity for those interested in recreational skating, figure skating, or hockey.  Ages 3*-18, no prior experience needed (*some 3-4 year olds may not be mature enough, contact coordinator if questions).  Sessions are structured as a group activity where children can explore skating.  Coaches will be on the ice to assist the children, demonstrate skills, and offer encouragement.  Individual lessons are NOT provided, and this is not one on one instruction.

Please note:  Only certified coaches and volunteers, and junior coaches are allowed to be on the ice with the participants during these sessions. Parents wishing to share ice time with their children are asked to check our website calendar for Open Skate times when we encourage families to be on the ice together!

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Please have your child dress warm for their lessons.  Snow pants, winter coats, mitten or gloves and have them wear long socks so the skates do not rub on their skin causing blisters.

Shawn Weber

Shawn Weber

Learn to Skate Coordinator

Phone: 605-691-0026

Cost - FREE!  -- Includes rental of skates and helmet.
Thanks to a gracious donor, we are offering our first session of the 2019-20 Learn-to-Skate Program for Free!

Session 1: November - December

Session 2: January - February

Session times:
   Monday - 4:30 - 5:00 p.m.
   Wednesday - 5:30 - 6:00 p.m.
   Saturday - 11:00 - 11:30 a.m.

Helmets are required.  Skaters may either use their own helmets or use helmet provided by the rink.  A bike helmet or hockey helmet may be worn. 

Skaters will have the option to use their own skates or use skates provided by the rink.  Hockey skates or Figure skates may be worn.

An $80 equipment deposit is required for participants borrowing gear. The deposit check will be held until the equipment is returned at the end of the session.

OPEN SKATE:  Each skater will get 5 free admission passes to open skate as long as they bring their skates.  When you come, please let the City’s open skate attendant know that you are with the Learn to Skate Hockey program and they will mark you down.

If NO school in Yankton due to bad weather, we will not have Learn to Skate lessons.

Please check the website for accurate times and days since some Saturdays and Sundays might have hockey games scheduled during the regular open skate times. Days may be added when Yankton Public does not have school .

Recent Learn to Skate News

Learn to Skate & Meet the Rink

By YAIA 09/04/2019, 7:45pm CDT

Free to 18 and under - October 19

Try Learn to Skate/Meet the Rink 
Saturday, October 19th, 3-4 pm
Cost:  FREE

Please arrive early to get your child fitted for skates and sign waiver.

This is a single session event for children 4-18 years old to meet our rink!  No prior experience required.  Children will be fitted for skates and a helmet and allowed on the ice to explore skating.  Coaches will be on the ice to assist your child. Your child may use this time to explore the ice.  Parents who are interested in joining their child on the ice should check our website calendar for open skate times. We encourage families to be on the ice together during open skate!

Shawn Weber, LTS coordinator

Riverboat Days 2019

By YAIA 08/30/2019, 10:45am CDT

Another great Riverboat Day parade! This group of skaters had a great time in the parade this year!