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Yankton Area Ice Association Volunteer Information

The Yankton Area Ice Association is a non-profit organization devoted to organizing a youth ice program for the Yankton area. The YAIA provides an experience that is not just for the players and skaters, but for the entire family. Parents are included in every aspect of our program; they are on our board, involved as coaches, team parents, fundraising, and much more! We are a community, and it has always been the belief of YAIA that the more families that actively participate, the more fulfilling the experience is for their child.

YAIA depends on volunteers and fundraisers to help us organize, administer, and fund the program. Because volunteers are an essential part of making our program a success, the YAIA requires that families be actively involved with the program. Each family with children registered in our Mini-Mite, Mite, Squirt, Peewee, Bantam, Girls JV and Varsity, and Boys JV and Varsity in the hockey program and Pre-Alpha, Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, and Freestyle in the figure skate program will be required to volunteer a combined number of credits. Learn to Skaters are not required to participate in this Volunteer Program but are encouraged to assist when they can. Volunteering is highly encouraged to be a family affair.

Volunteer opportunities can be fulfilled by anyone ages 16 and older from your family.  For the purpose of administering the volunteer program, the calendar year for volunteering will be from April 1 - March 31.

Families that participate in the Volunteer Program must submit a volunteer deposit check  during the registration process. This check will be held until the end of the volunteer calendar year (March 31). Families that have met their required volunteer points will have their volunteer deposit shredded or returned at their request. Those families that did not meet the full minimum volunteer requirement will forfeit their deposit check and it will be deposited into the YAIA’s general fund account on March 31 at the end of the season. It is NOT the goal of the YAIA to earn an extra stream of income from families that do not meet their volunteer requirement; rather it is our intention to grow our program by encouraging the benefits of volunteering. Families will be able to track their volunteer hours through their Sports NGIN account.

Volunteer deposits from each family must be received by YAIA prior to participating in any team practice or game. Those families that are experiencing hardships that would prohibit them from being able to successfully complete their minimum volunteer requirement may petition the board for exemption from the Volunteer Program. These situations will be reviewed and handled on a case by case situation by the YAIA board.

Yankton Area Ice Association Volunteer Program - aka DIBS

Volunteers are the lifeline the Yankton Area Ice Association (YAIA). Without volunteers contributing hours each season, our association simply could not exist. The Volunteer program, “DIBS”, has been designed to eliminate the need for last minute volunteers and create a schedule that will allow each of us to choose our own volunteer hours.

Volunteer hours will be logged and each family will have a set number of points to fulfill during the season. We are excited about the ever-improving volunteer system. Here, you are in control of your volunteer destiny, with all the benefits, flexibility, and accountability that go along with it. We will keep everyone updated as this system continues to evolve.

Some highlights of the program include the following:

  • Volunteering will be on a first come, first serve sign-up
  • Sign up on-line at your convenience. View all open shifts in one central location and select those that best fit your hectic schedule.
  • Each family will have a set number of volunteer points they need to fulfill and these points will be logged using the DIBS System.
  • Each family will have their own user name and password that will allow you to register for the hours that you would like to work and view in your own calendar.
  • If you are unable to cover your shift, it will be your responsibility to find your own replacement for your shift.
  • Volunteer points need to be fulfilled by adults. Siblings and other family members are welcome to fulfill the hours as long as they are able to fulfill the appropriate duties and above the age of 16.  Concession workers must be a minimum of 16 years of age.
  • All hours need to be logged on the computer scheduling system.

Mandatory Hockey Voluteer Background Screening

Background Screening Fee

Background screening fee is charged to and paid for by SDAHA for coaches, state and local association volunteers, and referees.  When you check out, there should not be a fee assessed to SDAHA applicants.

Do you not have children in YAIA but would like to volunteer? Click on the image above to register as a volunteer to access our volunteer system called DIBS

YAIA Dibs Coordinator

YAIA Dibs Coordinator