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YCC COVID-19 Protocols

Yankton Curling Club's Response to COVID-19

Staying Safe While Curling

As we all adjust to the change in culture and conditions during the pandemic, Yankton Curling Club is changing as well. Safety is our top priority and the club is planning an on-time start to the Inaugural Season by implementing new safety precautions recommended by the Yankton Area Ice Association and USA Curling.

The following precautions and guidelines will be following during league and any curling activities hosted by the Yankton Curling Club:

  1. Cleaning station cart will be provided for the club’s use

    • Disposable masks – Will be provided in case members forget their own

    • Wet wipes

    • Hand sanitizer

  2. Please be mindful of social distancing in the Ice Arena lobby before league starts. We recommend waiting in your car until 15 minutes prior to game start if you are not helping to set up.

  3. Set up procedures

    • One team assigned for set up

    • Everyone’s job to sanitize their hands


  4. New game procedures:

    • Masks are required at all times within the Ice Arena

    • No pregame handshakes - Tapping brooms is acceptable alternative

    • *Optional* 1 sweeper per team, 4th person is dedicated rock timer

      • The designated sweeper/ rock timer can switch per end or rotate per shot

    • Only skip and vice allowed in house (maintain social distance)

    • All must use their own numbered rocks - Ex. leads use 1+2, Second 3+4, etc.

    • Please do not share brooms. Any shared equipment (ex. stabilizers, push stick) must be handled with gloves. Winter gloves are suffice.

    • One person per team (usually the vice) to set up and put numbers on the scoreboard

    • When cleaning up rocks at completion of the end, use your feet or a broom to remove them from play, maintain social distance while cleaning up. (mainly responsibility of the front end players)


  5. Clean up procedure

    • Maintain social distance and allow one team to clean up stones at a time

    • One team will be assigned to sanitize the equipment and door handles

    • Everyone must sanitize their own lobby chair if used.

  6. Disaster plan

    • If someone from club contracts COVID-19, they are required to notify the club president.

    • The Club president will notify all club members of positive result. Your identity will remain anonymous