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5000 Puck Challenge



The Yankton Area Ice Association is sponsoring a 5000 Puck Challenge to all registered youth hockey players. The overall goal of this initiative is to increase shot speed, quickness and accuracy. The players will do the shooting on their own in a garage, against a tarp, into a net, or any other type of shooting station that can handle pucks. Players interested in this off-season shooting incentive must follow the ten week program, which will run:

Session 1 

April 1 –  June 9

Session 2

June 10 –  August 18


-Players who complete one of the 5000 Puck Challenge Sessions will each receive a 5000 Puck Club Prize (Prizes Yet To Be Determined).

-Players who complete both of the 5000 Puck Challenge Sessions will get a 10000 Puck Club Prize (Prizes Yet To Be Determined).

Items needed for the 5000 Puck Challenge


-Hockey Gloves

-Pucks (10-20 is recommended)

-Shooting area (Garage, Basement, backyard, etc.)

-Shooting Surface (Shooting Pad, Concrete Floor, Driveway, Plastic Sheet)

-Net, Tarp, Wall or any type of stationary object that can handle pucks and have established targets to shoot at.




Leader Board Session 1

First Name Last Name Division Shots Taken
Anders Van Olson Peewee 8169
Terry Pedersen 6200
Luke Abbott Bantam 5364
Brayden Byrkeland Mite 5000
Reagan Wenisch Peewee 5000
Jack Pedersen Peewee 4200
Luke Moeller 4115
Cole Pedersen Bantam 3800
Madeline Abbott Squirt 1700
Elijah Larson Squirt 1615
Bradley Clark Bantam 1000
Kade Schramm Squirt 826
Garrett Haas Peewee 250
Hunter Haas 250
Hunter Haas 50
Garrett Haas Peewee 50
Keyara "Lucky" Mason Girls JV 0
Wyatt Johnson Peewee 0
Ryleigh Weidenbach 0
Adrienne Weidenbach 0
Grace Livingston Girls JV 0

Leader Board Session 2 as of 8/26/2018

First Name Last Name Division Total Shots
Anders Van Olson Peewee 8437
Isaac Petersen Peewee 5260
Luke Abbott Bantam 5029
Madeline Abbott Squirt 3200
Luke Moeller Squirt 2054
Isaac Petersen 500
Bradley Clark Bantam 0
Terry Pedersen 0
Jack Pedersen Peewee 0
Cole Pedersen 0


Questions regarding the 5000 Puck Challenge can be referred to Chad Kapla.


Questions regarding how to log the information in NGIN can be referred to Randy Eichacker.

Chad Kapla

Chad Kapla

Head Coach

Phone: 605-760-3226

Randy Eichacker


Phone: 605-661-3486

Week 1

April 1-7 and June 10-16


Wrist Shot Low Corner

Week 2

April 8-14 and June 17-23


Wrist Shot Top Corner

Week 3

April 15-21 and June 24-30


Backhand Shot Low Corner

Week 4

April 22-28 and July 1-7


100 Backhand Mid-Upper

Week 5

April 29-May 5 and July 8-14


Wrist / Snap Shots

Mini-Mite through Squirt - Regular wrist shots only (all corners)

Peewee through Varsity - Snap shots only (50 lower corners; 50 upper corners each day)

Week 6

May 6-12 and July 15-21


Wrist Shot - 50 Low / 50 High

Regular wrist shots only - (50 lower corners; 50 upper corners each day) 

Back foot should be on a bench or bucket equal to knee

Week 7

May 13-19 and July 22-28


Backhand - All Corners

Week 8

May 20-26 and July 29-August 4


Wrist / Snap Shot

Mini-Mite through Squirt - Wrist shots only (50 on front foot; 50 both feet with step at net /per day)

Peewee through Varsity - Slap shots only (Lower corners only)

Week 9

May 27-June 2 and August 5-11


Backhand - All Corners

Mini-Mite through Squirt - Backhand shots only (all corners) 

Peewee through Varsity - Slap shot (Mid to high corners)

Week 10

June 3-9 and August 12-18


Any Shot / Slap Shot

Mini-Mite through Squirt - Alternate shots and alternate targets 

Peewee through Varsity - Slap shots alternating upper and low corners